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Deathsex Bloodbath at Revolt #3

We’re delighted to welcome Deathsex Bloodbath to the line-up for the next Revolt! We’re sure they won’t object to the somewhat “bricky” environs of Taylor John’s House after years in the music business. As the band’s entirely accurate Facebook page attests:

“Deathsex Bloodbath were the most controversial band of the late 1990s and early 2000s, as famous for their offstage meltdowns as their explosive live shows and albums. Legendary songs such as ‘Asphyxiwank’ and ‘Sellout’ are spoken of in hushed terms by their legion of adoring fans, although DSBB albums are oddly absent in ‘Greatest Albums of…’ lists. After original guitarist Caitred and, later, talismanic bassist Masokiss left, Sadogasm released several albums under the DSBB name which were really good, honest, and were really very successful in Eastern Europe given the current state of the industry.

Now reunited, with new drummer and long-time stalker Sororicide, DSBB are delighted to be issuing their back catalogue on Corporate Records.”

Deathsex Bloodbath
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