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That Deathsex Bloodbath press release in full

Deathsex Bloodbath will be playing REVOLT on June 15.

Following a successful tour of Eastern Europe, where our last album, ‘The Principle of Evil Made Flash’, was ACTUALLY REALLY SUCCESSFUL, THANKS, it will be good to get back to our roots with another triumphant gig in our hometown.

The band will be playing the ‘mid-card headliner’ spot that they famously played at Glastonbury. As you’ll remember, DSB stole the show, although the headliner that year was only Sting. We’ll be faced with more of a challenge to steal the show at this gig, as we’re playing alongside DRAG, Kerosene Queen, Honey, Dispute Settlement Mechanism and Elaine O’Neill.

Due to mid-tour complications, our guitarist Caitred Alabaster was forced to hand over her guitar to a shadowy bunch of racketeers. Indeed, Caitred herself vanished during a fraught gig in Berlin. Has she joined a Buddhist monastery? Gone undercover with a graffiti gang to oppose the city’s gentrification by the villainous Media Spree? Or is she simply drinking in the Irish bar we left her in? Will she get back in time for June 15 and will her guitar be with her? FIND OUT AT REVOLT.

The gig is at Taylor John’s House, at the Anal Basin in Coventry.

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