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Revolt Library

Private-libraryOn Saturday we will be launching the REVOLT LIBRARY.

This will be a collection of books and zines that you can borrow – either during or between events. It will be clearly labelled, and available in *addition* to our usual zine stalls.

At Revolt vs Catharsis we will have an initial selection of books and zines available, related to feminism, punk, DIY cultures and politics.

These will be on two tables: the permanent collection, and available for loan.


A number publications that will be available for you to read during the night that we would prefer to hold onto between events – mostly zines we have only one copy of.


Books and zines you can borrow from the library and take away with you at the end of the night! We would love it if you brought these back with you to a future event, so others can enjoy them too. Feel free to pass Revolt books on to other interested people in meantime – this is here as a free resource for everyone.

If you borrow something, please note down the details on the list provided and bring it back to a future Revolt.

If you decide that you’d prefer to keep something, a donation (of either another book or a small sum of money – your choice, suggested 50p) towards the running of Revolt would be appreciated.


If you have any books or zines you would like to contribute to the Library, please bring them along on the night and hand them to Kirsty ( ask for her on the door). You can specify if you want them in the permenant or loan collections.

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