“I want to tell you about my Saturday night at Revolt; a semi-regular event hosted at The Tin Music & Arts Centre, Coventry and organised by a ‘actually we don’t have a brand, we’ve just been knocking about the Midlands together and put on these events’ kinda bunch. It’s been on my radar for a while given that it advertises itself as a punk orientated, not-for-profit, feminist DIY event. That could mean any number of things. I am curiously cat-like. So I arrive early like the geek I am to hear Bad Horse sound checking. I find a large stall set up by the bar laden with band merch, CDs and a few cassettes. The cassettes are a nice surprise but nothing seems out of the ordinary, until I spot the free feminist library on the final table. I like that. Free education. That’s nice, I’m glad I’m here. £5 for this many acts is sweet. They open with a pirate compere, Dorian Wilde, hosting a game, which I won, and I got sweets. Yep. I’m sold.”
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Sophelita Lawton (My Therapist Says Hot Damn)

Best gig ever? I reckon so! BOOM!


Well……. back on the road after a blinding night in cov. Played what might be our favourite gig to date, met some amazing and lovely people and rocked the faack out! Honoured to play with great bands, DSM, Kerosene Queen, Deathsex Bloodbath and the mighty Drag, alongside brilliant Djs and Poets! Dude of a sound man. Drag cd pumping out of the speakers, Cornwall here we come.

Atta Girl

The turn out was incredible – there was a real sense of community, friendship and safety. All the good things we should expect from a night out, except this one was particularly special. There was a buzz about the place, people chatting and sharing, flicking through the amazing selection of zines from Marching Stars Distro.” (read more)

Catherine Elms

“The bands playing were lots of fun!  The atmosphere in the live room was lovely too; everyone seemed supportive and enthusiastic.  Highlights included:  Ferocious riot grrrl band ‘Skinny Girl Diet’; Noisy punk band ‘Parataxis‘, whose setlist included the songs ‘Everybody Shits’ and ‘David Cameron is a Dick’; Queer cabaret group ‘Lashings of Ginger Beer Time‘ – I loved their performance of Adam & The Ant’s ‘Stand and Deliver’ dressed as members of the Tory party, but their song ‘Vagina Dentata’, sung to the tune of ‘Hakuna Matata’, was bloody hilarious” (read more)

Niluccio on noise

“The best of several pretty good bands at a feminist riot grrl night (although I also liked Skinny Girl Diet, not least their amazing screaming).  But Anarchistwood: quite a rocky take on punk ‘n’ roll. Very energetic vocals from a sort of mutant clown-woman who was one part comedy MC, one part political ranter. Best use of politics at a gig for some time in my book.” (original location)
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