Revolt vs Catharsis – Acts

For our next event on Saturday 31st May 2014 we’ve teamed up with Catharsis for a
one-off night of genre-bending mayhem!

Featuring live music and spoken word from…


Sleazy punk takes on serious themes, initiates uninhibited dancing.


Last July

Atmospheric, electronic-infused dark romantic band.

Last July


Prank rock! Like nothing you’ve ever seen.


The Webb

Goth-electronica-punk-spacerock with a DIY ethos.

The Webb

Karren Ablaze!

Inspiring words from a legendary zine creator and 90s riot grrrl.

Zoe Kristensen

Alliterative, cynical, sometimes scientific poetic ramblings.

Sophie Hadlum

Performing “The Hunter”: a reflection on predatory behaviour in nightclubs.

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