Revolt #9 – Acts

For this event we’re working in collaboration with Coventry Pride, and there are accordingly some amazing LGBTQ acts on the line-up for this event!

Revolt #9 will feature only the finest punky bands, spoken word, drag, zines and DJs, including:

Duck Thieves
Dramatic indie-pop silliness

duck thives

Fight Rosa Fight
Bolshy, upbeat riot grrrl trio, all the way from Cheltenham!

fight rosa

Nim Chimpsky
DIY electro duo with enormous ideas


The Jess and Alex Collective
“Ruining beloved pop songs”


Marilyn Misandry
Trashy, political trans femme drag



Alien She + J355
Riot grrrl DJs extraordinaire!

Plus! Zines and books from the REVOLT DISTRO, zine making, and more.

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